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The Ojibwe, Native Americans, say, “Sometimes I go about with pity for myself and, all the while, Great Winds are carrying me across the sky.” One of the hardest things for me has been learning how to dream big dreams for my life but, at one-and-the-same time release all inner attachment to the...
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Suicide and fame. The two flirt and then consumate often enough to make one take note. If someone gets everything they hoped for, or wanted, or expected, then there is not much left to live for.  Boredom aims the gun or ties the rope. There are other factors, of course. We can never know another...
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I am still amazed by how many letters I have received from individuals who told me that they parted ways with their employer after reading one of my books. The first letter or two I received in this regard made me feel somewhat uncomfortable, at the same time hoping that no one would sue me with a...