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Would you wish to enter the house of a character? I’d much rather enter the mind. A home, it is assumed, reveals how the character thinks, and this is of course if such a place exists. Recently, Slate did a detailed piece on Jay Gatsby’s mansion, which prompted CBC to track a few others. There...
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I think my new kickstarter project will be going live tomorrow, so watch this space. I have made some changes to make the rewards for pledgers IRRESISTIBLE and the target much more attainable! :)
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The textbook which I use  for teaching English Reading is full with short interesting passages. Their purpose is to whet the students’ appetite so they want to read more, and they always remind me of colorful bite-sized party food. One intriguing  example is a passage about the Cargo...
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A flaky torn bit of page crumbled in my hand as I opened the bookshelf. The  remnant had left nothing to read.  The collection is eclectic, but I would not call it my personal library. Along the years, I have stuffed too many things in there — photographs, a replica of a Swiss chalet, wooden toys...
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  The Millions has been a must-read blog for me for a long time, and now I notice that their biz is growing and they need help. You might fill the bill, if you're a "voracious reader."   The Millions
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I am going to relaunch the publishing project for 'Peter Black and the Craven Lake Mystery' very soon. Watch this space for the new offers, which will be more attractive than last time. Also the goal is less and the project will run for two months rather than one, giving a far greater chance of...
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I could not find my mantra today.  I seached for the slow leak in me that's draining my fuel and starving my engine.  I can feel my body shaking with the last of it as the engine coughs and sputters.  I'm waiting for the engine to die today. This video captures much of my daily maze...
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A perfectly healthy sentence, it is true, is extremely rare. For the most part we miss the hue and fragrance of the thought; as if we could be satisfied with the dews of the morning or evening without their colors, or the heavens without their azure. - Henry David Thoreau (1817–62), U.S....
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I was at a reading, not sure who the readers were. The room was filled with all ages. The young crowd, with glistening skin and shiny hair, as if dipped in gloss. They sat tall, enormous, laughing and showing off white teeth, looking at each other—how could they not? An older crowd, too. I’ll just...
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A quiet Sunday afternoon with the family (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It seems that I've read more and more posts and memes lately about people—artists and innovators, particularly—pursuing their dreams so they won't have any regrets at the ends of their lives. One was from Anne Lammot, and I gave her...