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I am delighted to be hosting the final leg of Elizabeth Baines' "Around the Edges of the World" Virtual Book Tour for her wonderful short story collection, Balancing on the Edge of the World (Salt Publishing, 2007) which is one of those books I had to force myself to put down just so...
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The New York Times published an article about how sales of books are up in France and Europe in general. Two favorite quotes: “It’s a happy message,” said André Breedt, research and development analyst at Nielsen BookScan, which tracks book sales. “People have been reading and they will keep...
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  The other evening, I stumbled upon the tail-end of an Amazon forum where errors in novels were being discussed — and the venting readers were none too happy. I read through sixteen posts, bemused, somewhat dismayed, as plot errors were hashed from book covers not matching the story and character...
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Here is a list of the books people claim they have read but - really - they have not. I have read four - really! I've actually read ULYSSES twice and heard it read on 'Bloom Day' on CBC radio.     'Ulysses' among titles most people lie about reading   James Joyce's Ulysses came in...
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A couple of quickies: There's an excerpt from Saint Heretic live over at the Velvet, where it'll remain posted for just a little under two weeks. And for those of you in the Bay Area, I'm reading with some of the San Francisco Noir crew tonight at M is for Mystery. Back soon. -Craig 
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I hope all you parents are making readers out of your children. When I think back to my own childhood, it's full of books. My Dad was a school principal, and nearly every day after work he'd stop in each of our bedrooms and toss two things on our beds: candy and books. We may all have bad teeth,...
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In Dartmouth, Massachusetts, convicted felons are offered an interesting choice:  they can go to jail and relax; or they can join a book club. The program is called "Changing Lives Through Literature", and was founded in 1991 by an English professor at the University of Massachusetts. ...
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When I was little, I read to try to find a place of happiness, interest, joy.  I read to find out who I was because someone had to have the answer.  I sure as hell had no clue, and neither did my parents or the confused and upset teachers around me every year. The good news was that in books, there...
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"....it is the writing that is teaching me."   I couldn’t wait to finish high school to begin classes at Wilfred Academy School of Cosmetology.  I wanted to be a hairstylist. I wanted it so bad that it was all I could think about and dreamed every time I looked at someone. I imagined how...
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I mentioned a few weeks ago here that I'd started writing again and that I wrote a flash story for Liars' League's theme of Art and Science. Liars League is a monthly evening in London where actors read out the winning stories on that month's theme. Art and Science... that's so me, I had to go for...