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My brother and I grew up on the wonderful children books by Erich Kastner.  Emil Erich Kästner , 1899 -1974, was a German author, poet, screenwriter and satirist, who is best known for his humorous, socially astute poetry and children's literature. Growing up we didn’t have many books at home...
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Ah, the writing day has become the publishing day.  I'm using over half of my writing time addressing my next weak area, publishing a book.  I've decided I'm keen to put my book into reader's hands.  So I'm exploring and learning. I've come across several interesting items about it...
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An editor I admire once said that readers, in general, will always prefer strong storytelling to beautiful prose.  The "in general" qualification is, of course, a big one for those of us who deal in words for a living.  Prizewinning novels, highly acclaimed ones, often feature elegant,...
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Is it my imagination or did 2012 go by in a blink? Personally, it's been an amazing year. My second novel, Remain In Light, has been well-received, I self-published an ebook of short stories, Kiss Shot, and finalized the manuscript for my next poetry collection, Render, coming in...
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  December 30   CARGO LOST, CARGO FOUND     I fill the pallet of a new year's sobriety and, when it has been accomplished, make a manifest and strap this pallet with the others on the flatbed of my life.  The cargo is secure and weighty; there is ample pressure where the...
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Never have. But there is a certain goal that I have for the near future. . . let's say 2013. You see, it's been a while since I've lived in a novel. I'm talking about the kind of book that won't let me go. The kind of book that I can't set down if I walk from the couch to the kitchen. The kind of...
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In Israel school usually ends around noon and the afternoon is devoted to doing homework. I remember the time when my girls sat around the kitchen table and every so often asked me questions about their work. Those are happy memories. Today many parents don’t have the luxury of being at home during...
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For years, I’ve had difficulty sleeping at night. I have no trouble falling asleep, that’s never been an issue. Typically, I can sleep maybe two or three hours and then I’m awake. Then after I fall back to sleep again I’m awake every two hours until I’ve had enough, call it quits, and get up....
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Oh, these small, wicked cuts that aren't really wicked.... Yes, this is another rant. Four piles of books exist in my office.  Another pile huddles in the living room, and another squats on the nightstand beside the bed. These are my reading piles.  They exist outside of the bookshelves,...