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I am reading Howard’s End for the second time. The last time I read this novel I was in college, taking a British Literature seminar. We read the usual suspects, one a week, and sat around a table talking about symbolism, structure, thematic motif and all that good stuff. I loved the class, I...
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                    Ever since I started to read books from my childhood, I have always been fascinated by the magic locked up in the white pages of books I read. The magic that could carry you from earth to another planet. The magic of turning you into a witch or wizard flying across the space or...
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I love to read. My passion for books started when I was very young. My mother read to me all the time and taught me to read long before I started school. I even read the dictionary when I was very young and today will read a cereal carton if nothing else is handy, although that's seldom the case....