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You know how I was saying that no one reads my blog on the days when I post something? Never mind.
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At the end of October, I began posting stories on my Red Room blog.  Within a very short time, I noticed a lot of people were reading and leaving comments.  By "a lot," I mean thousands.  Even on the days I didn't write a word, people were still reading and commenting. At the end of...
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  I started to dig into my backlog of magazines and will let you know what I think of them over the next couple of weeks.  image via zappablamma.com   The trouble with opinions on magazines (and I'm always full of opinions) is that they're edited with the general public in mind. Thus...
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So, maybe those who choose to actually read a book are getting their jollies in a more rarefied manner. With Sixty Shades of Grey outselling Harry Potter and all else in its path, here are the passages most in demand by those who read it on a Kindle through Amazon. There are also links to the most...
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My most recent marketing ploy seems to have fallen prey to a techno-glitch (don't ask), which helps to point up the challenges in marketing books and e-books in the digital age. There is still the issue of developing my work as a brand. So what's the answer? In short, there's no easy answer to...
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I've looked at two book proposals recently for aspiring authors with agents eagerly awaiting their submissions. The writers came to me for what they considered a "cursory review" because they felt their proposals just needed a "finishing touch," another set of eyes to...
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  Recently, the following was posted under a pseudonym at WriteWords.org.uk “So I'm a published author with an agent - a newish (less than five years) one at a middle sized agency. But certain things keep happening and my gut keeps ringing the alarm. What do you think of the following? ...
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Today marks the beginning of the fourth annual Write Nonfiction in November (WNFIN) challenge and blog. All over America and possibly the world, nonfiction writers are starting a variety of projects—books, e-books, booklets, articles, essays, information projects, book proposals—with the...
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If you look back over the last 10 posts I've written, you'll find they are all about building an author's platform.  If you've read them all and you've never done anything to build an author's platform, you probably feel pretty overwhelmed about now. If you had never heard of an author's...
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More writers than not balk at the idea of becoming savvy social networkers. They see this activity as a time sink or a waste of time. Some don’t even want to try, while others are only willing to set up a Facebook account. They don’t realize the Internet provides one of the easiest ways to...