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Are you a newslet­ter sub­scriber? Is my Spring newslet­ter sit­ting unopened in your inbox (or, heaven for­bid, your spam folder)? Be sure to check it out, because there’s an exclu­sive subscriber-only give­away and only place to find the link is in the newslet­...
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Thanks to those who have already signed up for my newsletter, liked and followed the blog, and shared recipes. I'm waiting for pictures. I still have books to give away, including an ARC of ROOTED IN DANGER. And my newsletter survey is still open. Check the sidebar. My recent reading has made...
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There was a very interesting discussion at the Mystery Writers of America Yahoo group about when a dead body should show up in the book. This puzzled the heck out of me. I know when I started writing romance, people told me I broke the "rules" because the first male character on...
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Yesterday I talked about what makes a hero someone both the reader and writer loves. There were some great comments, and one of the frequent ones was that he had to love the heroine. When writing a romance, there are some reader expectations that have to be met. When we write a romance, we're...
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The same, but different. That's what an author friend said her publisher wanted for her series. How same is same? How different is different? If I go to a bookstore and browse the Science Fiction shelves, I have totally different expectations of what I'm going to read than if I'm in the...