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I'm participating in my first Holiday Readathon,  Dec. 2-4, inspired by author and blogger Liza Wiemer on Goodreads.  For this mini-challenge/giveaway, readers are invited to respond to author questions, with prizes....  Here is mine: "Begin Again" is a repeating line in my novel...
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The Bookcrossing.com readathon for  late November-early December is done, but I am sorry to say I didn't manage the full twenty-four hours of reading time.  I only managed about sixteen hours during the past week.  Too much work and shopping time derailed my efforts, I'm sad to say.  However, on...
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It's another readathon at bookcrossing.com.  A readathon there is an attempt to read twenty-four hours over the course of a week.  Each readathon member reports in every so often with the amount of reading he/she has done.  It can either be reported by time or pages read. Last month I came up short...
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While I am not much of a math person, I am fascinated with numbers. In this regard, I have watched my statistics here add up throughout the months. It seemed like it took forever before I broke 1000.  2000 was a bit quicker, and with each benchmark, it seemed like it happened almost logimetrically...
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Quick blog...I "wild released" a book, Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card  today and have had several released books (through the RABCK) show up on the site in the past few days.  The latest just showed up a few minutes ago and was number 2 on the list of "recently caught" as of...
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Well, the bookcrossing readathon is on!  Despite working for the last three days, I have managed to put in about six hours of the twenty-four desired.  Whether or not I manage the twenty-four hours is immaterial; it's the thrill of the chase, in a sense.  In this quest I have finished Ender's...