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L.A. is a prism. And because it's a prism hammered three-hundred thirty-three days a year with blazing, unrelenting white light, where you stand determines which part of its spectrum you'll see. Personally, my favorite angle of view is from five-thousand, eight-hundred feet above, atop the recently...
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http://www.backalleywebzine.com/   by Richard Helms
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Megan Abbott is the female James Ellroy. When I read her Edgar-award-winning “Queenpin,” I immediately was put in mind of everyone’s favorite noirmeister. Dig it. Even more I loved “The Song is You,” in which Abbott took a real-life missing persons case from 1949 and plumbed her Hollywood...
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My second Palestinian crime novel A Grave in Gaza (UK title: The Saladin Murders) is just now published in Holland. The Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant asked me to contribute a list of my five favorite books, or at least those which've had the biggest impact on me as a writer. Here's what I wrote:...
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My new novel, “A Pure Double Cross,” is my first icy plunge into the dark world of hardboiled fiction. When I searched the web I was surprised to find very few websites devoted to the field. I mentioned this to my fellow mystery writer Stephen Smoke. He didn’t share my surprise. “Hardboiled fiction...
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I had a great night on Wednesday night at Hayling Island's Women's Institute meeting where I gave a talk on my marine mystery crime novels. About forty ladies were present and made me very welcome indeed. They also allowed my husband, Bob, into the meeting as my official photographer and bouncer....
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Fucking hell. James Crumley died about ten days ago. This has been an annus horribilis as far as great writers go. Here's the obit from the LA Times. Crumley was the best "crime" writer ever...one of the finest authors, regardless of genre, America has ever produced.  He was a student of...
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You can make a good case for Ernest Hemingway having left a profound mark on hardboiled crime fiction. Graduate students and crime fiction aficionados have murdered trees arguing whether Hemingway influenced Dashiell Hammett or whether inspiration ran the other direction. Raymond Chandler...
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Okay, this technology stuff is starting to grow on me. I admit it, I'm quite the Luddite, contemptuous of the new and improved when the old and reliable seems to work just fine. I've said it before, I'm a son of the Space Age, this computer stuff often leaves me feeling like a caveman watching...