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Newcomers to the Sierra Foothills are shocked by the loud almost human scream in the wild lands they now call home. Unable to find out what that blood-curdling scream is (until they get to know the neighbors over morning coffee or cold beer around the burn pile) they peer through the windows in...
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It’s hard to review Perfect Score without giving away spoilers, but I’ll do my best. Alex Finch’s first recollection of Sam Barrowdale is a chance meeting in 1963 when a grubby thirteen year old Sam pushes a rickety, overloaded cart down a windy sidewalk and Alex gawks at him from the rear seat of...
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Duncan tells us to come early…branding is hard work, and it’s going to be a hot one. Eric and I are up before the sun, stumbling around in the dark of our giant house, taking care not to trip over the cat who sleeps outside the bedroom door. We fix a couple of fried eggs and bagels, and I brew...
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Today is the day to win a copy of Accidental Cowgirl: Six Cows, Nor Horse and No Clue. Check it out at Silver and Grace, where there is also a link to a book review. Good luck!
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"Moki" is a Hopi word for "those who are gone," or "the people who have left." A winding, gravel road that contracts into three miles of hairpin turns cutting deep into the sides of a mesa above Valley of the Gods, Utah, is called the Moki Dugway. Parking at the top to...
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On February 5th, Rocky Mountain National Park began their new culling program to thin the elk herd.  Sharpshooters will be used to thin about 100 animals from the Park's herds this year, which if allowed to overgraze might destroy many of the Park's aspens and willows. That same day, in response to...