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I walked out of the supermarket and felt cold rain patter on my face and hands. Another shower had blown in. The wet weather just doesn't want to leave us this year. Mid-May, and the storms just keeps coming. A father and son trotted toward the store entrance from their freshly-parked car. The...
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A single desultory fly zooms to and fro within the confines of my lampshade, pattering and pinging against it without cease.  This is what you are doomed to do if your life span is three days long and all other forms of life regard you as a despicable annoyance.   Now the fly has escaped into the...
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On a ferry, Bremerton to Seattle. The sun is strong today. Burning through weaker, meeker clouds. A supine breath of clouds. Meaningless to the promise of this particular day. Houses perched on island hills, their backsides facing the snow capped Olympics, their fronts the lemon mist glow of the...
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Saturday morning there was a funeral. About 9:30am we heard the church bells. Jolene and I got dressed to participate; Don is still too ill. He continued to heal from his strokes instead. The Tovar’s had a death in the family. Our area of the community is home to the Aguirre and Tovar families....
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  Pussy willows, the shy tips of bulbs, Swellings of white pink popcorn on the cherry trees And rain. Too much bitter cold in winter - Melting parched heat in summer. Spring is so hesitant and brief.
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Rain is descending in splattering waves from the darkness high overhead, and it seems the world is entirely wet.  It reminds me of walking to school the few blocks uphill that we had to go when I was a kid.  When it was as wet as it is right now, gullies and gutters coursed with streams of runoff...
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Samuel Johnson wrote that “When two Englishmen meet, their first talk is of the weather.” The good doctor wrote that in 1758, long before the conversation of Englishmen was informed by the hyperbolic outrage of London’s present tabloids. Just lately it seems he might amend his phrasing to “their...
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How is California rain different from Paris rain?  It is quieter, it is wetter, it makes bigger puddles.  No, that's not true, remember the downpour en route to Shakespeare & Co, on November 15th for the reading. That was an adventure, wading through rivers on the Bd St. Michel. In Paris there...
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Featured blog on the December 15th issue of the SW News Blast Does anyone punch holes in the top of large juice cans anymore? You know, with the "other side" of that old bottle cap opener, the pointy triangle end. As a child, it amazed me that to get the juice to pour out of the can...
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December 5       My Most Important Meal     Sweet potato pudding sits on the plate; I sit in my place and wield my spoon until the plate is clean.  I’m fed, my day begins.  If this is the best part of my day, life is still sweet and fine.  Time skips its way through and I...