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Trash day has arrived again, as it has every Tuesday, every other Tuesday for recycling. They've changed the pick up day from Monday to Tuesday in our zone, which I like. I didn't dislike putting the trash out on Monday but I prefer Tuesday. Monday is the work week's start, the resumption of...
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A friend sent an email that contained a lovely word:      雨宿り (あまやどり: taking shelter from rain)   rain + shelter To me, this kun-kun construction sounds eminently gentle and soft. The word appeared in this sentence:      ...
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Slept wonderfully last night and this morning to the sound of rain.     In the afternoon, I wrote an Email to Daughter Miranda, and sent a birthday card to her son, my grandson, Nicholas Bruce Holmes.  Later, the results of the South Carolina Primary began to come in.  ...
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Rain at last in San Francisco. Another confusing day. My friend, Wayne, kindly invited me to go see a movie tomorrow morning, but I'm not up for it. The Republican Debate tonight in South Carolina pointed up what weak candidates the four remaining contenders will be.  Perry has dropped out,...
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This morning the mountaintopwas cloaked in a great white beard; its facethe colors of autumn leaves ofrusset and dusty rose. In these spring-like days of winter, crisp airsends chills through my bones. The rain has come, at last.
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Where I live, waking up to fog is a rarity.  It almost never fogs in Manila.  Smog yes, but hardly ever fog. It started to rain continuously over the weekend and the temperature dropped to a point that I felt chilly at dawn today. My daughter called out, “Mom!  Take a look at the fog...
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  It's starting to rain.The scent is so clear.Gentle drops of rain Listen and you will hear,As it gently falls like love's whisper in the ear, washing over the heart's flame, falling on an invisible shield ,My hand touches the glassy pane,As I look beyond to God's field,I hear the...
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It rains, it snows, time takes me in the depths of a shallow storm; wishing for a tropical place to get warm.  Melting away the frost, pricing the rays of the sun at a hefty cost.  Time determines a mood, collecting fragments of an obscure doom.   ...
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October 12     Message with no Bottle     I found a note while I was cleaning the art cupboard.  It was written in my hand.  I don’t remember writing it, or thinking it for that matter.  The note said, “Total disregard for the survival of your soul” and I have no...
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I have an addictive personality, and ever since I can remember I’ve been addicted to being famous. This addiction was additionally fueled by the gradual realization of where I lived. Birmingham... England ... The Midlands of 1952 to 1970. You have to understand that the Birmingham I grew up in was...