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Swimming to the surface of consciousness, gray shadows paint the room in dreariness.   The fierce summer sun, diluted~ like frozen orange juice mixed with too much water.   Stepping out into molasses~ thick and sticky  pressing close to my skin, taking the spring out of my step,...
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No Rain No Rainbow By Bernadette A. Moyer It’s raining! And it looks like the rain will keep coming for several more hours if not a full day or so of unrelenting rain. My flowers and plants look great! The lawn is green and we haven’t had to do a thing. Mother Nature has provided rain, cooler temps...
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June 4       Head Wringing     I have my say, though my fear is that I constantly repeat myself; very much the way a crow calls the same thing endlessly, but it all has different meanings to the crow.  I would offer a code key to my readers if I could lay my hands on...
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  May 4       The Wake Up Call     I wake early and watch the lazy rain fall in slow fat random drops.  I view it with silent awe, only part of my recently somnolent mind bewildered.  Dawn advances toward me and I register a new concept: snow, it is snow; the...
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People constantly have weather on their minds. When I scroll down my Facebook news feed, I see that topic more than perhaps any other. As far as I can tell, that's what my dogs spend much of their day thinking about, too: "It's cold. Where's the sun? Ah, there it is! Hurray! Life is good! Oh, no....
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I am not a man who does not know his way around the grocery store. And I have my preferences. For some reason the layout of Dominick's appeals to me.  Probably there is some primeval logic to this. The way the vegetables sit so patiently for attention. The deli meat counter faces west. Who...
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same branchnew raindrops 
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  March 30   Catalog of Growth         The right seed in the right season grows a garden of miracles for me.  I get the food for my table or the stores for winter, sometimes when I’m in a Jack like predicament, right planted seeds can provide a bean stalk of...
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 A spring rain comes   and washes away   the writing   on the   wall  
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Natives of Southwest Louisiana (also known as Acadiana and Cajun Country) are currently experiencing a deluge of rain. Our local weatherman is calling it a "flood event." We're considered a large part of "hurricane country," so we're accustomed to torrential rains. The current...