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Here I am on a Sunday morning, all alone. My kids are working and I have no commitments until later in the afternoon. I'm a single mother, so 'alone time' is rare and valuable and to be cherished. And trust me, I do cherish every moment I get because it means uninterrupted time to write. Usually I...
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 Tune in! The Gayle King Show w @gayleking, 9-11 am EST on XM 111/SIRIUS 204! Join me in dishing 50 Things to Ditch after you Turn 50! (Chaps? Saying "Totally!" Your lawn gnomes? Your grudges?) I think one big one is to pass on your collection of alcoholic souveniors, e.g. shot glasses and...
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I've been writing essays for a long time. I started when I had my babies. The hormones or something. Plus I had something to write about, I felt, babies.   Had blogs been around in early 1980, I might have tried to boost my copywriting career by writing a blog, a blog about working as a...
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I am involved with a new Christian radio station preparing to go on the air in Central Florida. As this is a non-profit, it will rely heavily on volunteers and pledges. WTYG 91.5 FM will broadcast out of Sparr, FL, but we still need a little help. Maybe you've heard of Kickstarter? It's a great...
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Continuing to provide interviews here, this time in a different format--here's the link to NPR radio program Forum, live interview Sept 28, 2011:    <http://www.kqed.org/a/forum/R201109281000>    
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  A tweeter considers their contribution. Photograph: Jonathan Hordle / Rex FeaturesAuthors join 'tweetathon' in support of short stories In protest at BBC Radio 4's plans to reduce its short-story broadcasts, Joanne Harris and Neil Gaiman are among authors joining Twitter users to produce...
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Today at 11 am ET, Joy Radio interviews Edward Grinnan, Editor and Chief of Guideposts magazine, and author of "The Promise of Hope." Listen as Edward speaks about the true stories of hope and inspiration that saved his life and how they can transfom yours. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/joyradio/...
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8.17.11 @ 11 am ET, Joy Radio interviews Susan McCorkindale. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/joyradio/2011/08/17/susn-mccorkindale-author-500-acres-no-place-to-hide
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Born in 1938, I was fortunate to grow up listening to radio programs that really were programs: dramas, comedies, mysteries, variety shows, even soap operas. Why do I say I was fortunate? Because to enjoy the programs I had to visualize the characters in action. So for me words were and still are...
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11 am, ET, Joy Radio welcomes award winning fiction writer, Bren McClain, discussing her upcoming book, One Good Mama Bone. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/joyradio/2011/08/03/brenda-mcclain-award-wi...