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Here are the photographs from yesterday's interview on Vectis Radio when I was on air with Pete Walkden talking about my marine mystery crime novels and thrillers set in the Solent area.  My crime novels feature the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton and there are now seven in the series with...
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As advertisers flee, Rush Limbaugh, in the worst attempt at spin control ever uttered by anyone facing a widespread public backlash, offered a half-hearted explanation for his unconscionable attack on a Georgetown University law student, Sandra Fluke. Limbaugh, who triple-downed calling Sandra...
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There is discord in the writerly ranks of Canadian literature. A number of people who have name recognition are asked to defend a number of books which, one by one, are eliminated after a shouting match peppered with jokes.  Reality exposure takes on reality-based non-fiction books...
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Tonight at 9pm EST I will be joining the Black Tribbles crew over at http://www.gtownradio.com/ streaming live and available on iTunes! After my much discussed column over on Michael Davis World we are going back to the well and discussing race in comics, and how to sell a character in a crowded...
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Don't miss Joy Radio today at 11 am ET with Helen Valleau, author of "A Year of Possibilities." http://www.blogtalkradio.com/joyradio/2012/01/25/helen-valleau-author-a-...
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Are you intrigued by the faery realm? Do you wonder if they really exist? Join us on JOY Radio tomorrow at 11 am ET, and listen to Signe Pike, author of Faery Tale, discuss her memoir and her search of something to believe in once again. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/joyradio/2011/12/14/signe-pike-...
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Are you looking for magical family time? Do you and your children love to hear about angels? Tune into JOY Radio with author, Joan Wester Anderson at 11 am ET on 12.9.11 as she reads angels stories from her books. And remember you can always tune in at a time that's convenient for the whole...
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Sorry about the lack of posting.....read more
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  Back in February 2009, after appearing on a few radio shows, and with experience of running a couple of local TV shows narrating stories from my romance book as well as filming local karaoke, I thought… why not try your own radio show. Loving a good old “chin wag” as we say in England I...
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A couple of years back, when I was ridin' high on a talk-radio wave, I pitched a concept for a new show: each week, take a roundtable of writers, put 'em in front of live microphones, and let rip with a freewheeling discussion of their works in the larger overall context of the writing craft &...