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The NEW DI Andy Horton - Shroud of Evil - Now Published April sees the publication of the eleventh in the DI Andy Horton police procedural crime series. In Shroud of Evil DI Andy Horton is assigned the case of a missing person: Jasper Kenton, a private investigator. When Kenton’s car turns...
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SUNDAY 1/19 @ 11 p.m. EST (8 p.m. PST) on FRANCY & FRIENDS! Special two-hour edition! We welcome special guest horror writer Loren Rhoads of Morbid Curiosity magazine fame who, along with co-author Brian Thomas, is about to release their wicked demon-loves-angel novel AS ABOVE, SO...
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And as if "enough" isn't oft "too much," at 11 a.m. Eastern Time tomorrow (Wednesday, May 22) I will be turning the interview-table on Pam Stack, on her own flagship Authors On The Air broadcast. This is YOUR chance: since I'm still awaiting drop-off of her secret-surveillance files from both...
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  Cynthia Brian Interviewed by Joan Bryden, Turn of the Page Cynthia Brian is on the other side of the microphone on with host Joan Bryden in Kingport, TN. for "Turn of the Page on WCSK-90.3. Joan and Cynthia  have an in depth discussion of the book, Be the Star You Are!® 99 Gifts for...
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On Saturday night I appeared on the Arts and Culture Show on Voice FM talking to the radio presenter Xan Phillips about my marine mystery crime novels, the inspiration behind my flawed and rugged detective DI Andy Horton, the latest in the Horton series, Undercurrent and the importance of...
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With today's declaration of an influenza epidemic in New York City (and unofficially, throughout the nation), it's probably propitious to dust off an excerpt of a 2009 radio interview I did with historian John M. Barry, who discusses the 1918 influenza in his acclaimed book THE GREAT INFLUENZA...
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  Like any normal healthy happy10 Year Old, Emily Shane was riding her bike home from a dance recital when she was killed by a hit and run driver. What followed next is a masterpiece of a suspense novel that only author Bob Mustin could write!   A Reason To Tremble might possibly be...
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  We've all seen the following scenario before. The TV preacher leans into the microphone and with both eyes on the camera tells the viewer that unless he's wealthy and healthy than he can't be a blessing to others nor can he serve the God they worship.   Matthew B. Redmond's latest...
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I was interviewed on Write On! Radio, the Twin Cities writers show on 7/17, alongside author Rachel Gold. Listen to hear excerpts from "Silver Moon" and find out where I get my ideas! http://kfai.org/node/30210
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  If there are two things I really enjoy they would be; reading books about the amazing sport of baseball and reading books where I learn something. When Author Robert Cohen sent me a complimentary copy of his book MVP I knew that I would be a very happy camper! I was more than happy...