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Someone wrote to me last week and mentioned the non-Joyo 鼠 (ねずみ: mouse). I'll enlarge it so that you have a prayer of seeing it: 鼠 A mortar jumped out at me! That is, although I had seen 鼠 several times before, I had never noticed that the top part is exactly like 臼 (mortar). Because I've...
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Intellectuals are more easily radicalized than non-intellectuals: mind swings more easily than body. Mind is always more radical than body.
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Federalism: A Normative Theory and Its Practical Relevance is an innovative attempt to defend federalism as a desirable institutional form for contemporary democracies by means of a tightly argued, coherent normative theory, which is applied to case studies of conflict resolution around the world....
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It's been a long time but I'm back. I will not explain my reasons as they relate to health issues. And yes, everything is fine with me. Thank-you for asking. Okay. Here I go again with my (according to far-right Republicans and a few Democratics) ridiculous annotations and subversive accusations....
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Greening  A cleansing wind blows, sweeping hair out of my eyes. It comes without bid, gentle enough yet radical, pressing against my face, wisping past my ears. Its visit shows options too many, declares moves not made, life and work and love voided with clutter. I sit on this fence in the field...
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Take a look at the following sentence to see if you recognize anything: 政府は過激派グループの活動を注意深く監視した。 Whenever I confront unknown kanji, I try to identify components and patterns. In this case, one thing jumps out at me—this sentence is soggy! Five of the 12 kanji contain the “water” radical, ! In...
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Anti-ACORN Guerrilla Art goes viral in Los Angeles. Here is an example, stencil spray painted on the side of a signal control box on a typical LA street corner. Image Credit: Publius Unearthed! Barack Obama's Twisted ACORN Roots Many of the citizens here in the lower 48 (otherwise known in...
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GSTV's installation is completely painless and all-inclusive. We take care of the management, the equipment, the network, and content, including creating your product promotions. So you and your customers can sit back and enjoy the show (it is a little like how the Obama Administration...