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A news-story that has hit my whole relationship (and the religion I grew up in) to a big grinding what the hell stop happened this week when a simply adorable little baptist church tucked away in the gorgeous landscape of the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky decided to do the most adorable thing:...
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Tempers are running high in San Francisco, where the powers-that-be have unleashed yet another full-on demonstration of the cluelessness of U.S. cultural policymaking. This essay is in four sections: I will first describe what has happened; then discuss the context; the response; and finally,...
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We didn't think of Veronica or Dora as anything more than people who worked for us, at least my parents didn't. My father admired Dora's dark beauty and graceful movements and he liked Veronica's easy manner and the way she fitted into our family as though knit there by design, a dark bright thread...
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I was a precocious child.  I learned to read and write at age two.  I always thought that what the big kids did I could do. I remember a visit in Georgia to Mom's friend.  Within the city limits in a sylvan neighborhood was a small stream.  All the neighborhood children...
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(c) 2011 Jeanne Powell"Helping Us See What Was"all rights reserved   Last Sunday afternoon I was shopping at Whole Foods, taking advantage of its quite reasonably priced "house label" to get maximum value, and I overheard two women talking about a variety of reactions among friends who had...
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And where did that come from? Someone makes a derogatory comment and then it gets into your head like an earworm. Nothing worse than a bad song going round in your head. Time for creating a mantra. Your own mantra. Because ... love conquers hate.   Suellen Ocean is the author of The Celtic...
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I feel a bit like an interloper wading into this topic, but I saw The Help this weekend (as my friend Pamela would say, catch thy knee), and my reaction to it is, well… complicated.  First off, a disclaimer: I saw the movie, but I haven’t read the book by Kathryn Stockett. So I can only...
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In Maine I breathe oxygen winged west from trees in Kenya planted by Wangari Maathai,    as she breathed oxygen from the maple rising here ninety feet above me, blowing east to Africa. For the greatest gift we can share --- we can share breath and freedom.
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If we’re around someone who uses them, then, yah, they’re in our computer of a head. I hate it when that happens, that’s why I cringe when someone makes even a vague racial slur. My mind is a garden and someone’s off mental ramblings are like noxious weeds that I want pulled.   Suellen Ocean...
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Everyone belongs to a variety of “groups”. Whether it be the color of your skin group, the territory group (where your people hail from) what clothes you wear or what music you choose to listen to and especially what your spiritual beliefs are. We are all in a group (or groups) and moving in...