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Why I DOn't support our troops        Recently, I went to Arlington West.  It is a display on the beach by the pier in Santa Barbara, California where every Sunday veterans and antiwar protesters stick one thousand wooden crosses into the sand. Each cross...
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The east is awash in Irene and earthquakes, and commentators everywhere are noticing how utterly shook up the world order also seems to be. Here's Tom Friedman in the New York Times: [T]he European Union is cracking up. The Arab world is cracking up. China’s growth model is under pressure and...
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Here's a piece I wrote recently on confronting my own racism over time.   http://sjdfd.blogspot.com/2011/08/confront-his-racist-assumptions-and.html
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Good question. What is it, the last nation with which you were a citizen of? And then what nation is that nation? The last country that conquered it? America’s boundaries did a lot of changing during the Colonial era and so have countries around the world. It may seem interesting to question one...
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David Cameron has so canonised water cannons that they appear to be miracle-makers of the new morality drenching the fires of protest. “London is not Kensington,” an expat tells me. It is a discovery for the immigrant, too, and armed with this knowledge commentary is caged behind fabricated fences...
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Just over a year ago, I was in Belfast, Northern Ireland participating in the International Conference for Diversity in Organisations. Yesterday, I went to the Heritage Festival in Edmonton, Canada. Earlier this year, we participated in anti-racism training with the Centre For Race & Culture....
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One of the central themes in my debut novel, “Havasu Means Blue Water”, is the question posed by the protagonist, Lyla Amir, a feisty bi-racial graduate student, as she shifts through the murky history surrounding the 1918 lynching of a black farmer and his wife in the fictional town of Wilburn...
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A recent development to my previous blog about the racist response in social media circles, following Japan's victory over the USA in the FIFA World Cup. While reading a discussion thread in The Globe and Mail, I came across the following comment (which had received the highest...
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Apparently the FIFA World Cup final between Japan and USA broke the record for the number of tweets per second (peaking at over 7,000), eclipsing the royal wedding and death of Bin Laden. Breaking news reports are focusing on the quality of the women's game, the significance of Japan's victory for...
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Days after the Amina hoax came to light, and despite the reams of virtual ink wasted by the media on the story, I have found myself feeling furious each time I think of the way the story unfolded. I got news of the story when it suddenly showed up on my twitter feed, with various activists and...