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A compassionate, intelligent, perceptive white woman who had never before written a novel captured a white glimpse into a small but representative segment of black culture in a way that lit fires in the minds of millions of readers and boosted a movement already in motion.  If a black writer...
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At the the age of about 10, I was riding somewhere with my father in his pickup. He always had a pickup, even in the early 50s, as he was in construction. He was a superintendent of a big firm by then. He had begun as a laborer, and worked his way up. As we talked I quoted my mother on the subject...
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Adding to the cynicism of Senator Jeff Sessions pointed questioning of Judge Sotomayor's alleged "racist" comments during her confirmation hearings is a bit of history about the Senator himself. It seems much of the Senator's ire could be based on the fact Mr. Sessions was rejected as a...
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The second day of Senate hearings for Judge Sotomayor had a couple of moments so loaded with irony, they could have been satirical skits. Unfortunately, what they represented was hardly funny. Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, berated Judge Sotomayor for her now infamous...
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    Did you go all out to get Barack Obama elected president the way I did? Did you encounter racial prejudice the way I did?      I was so encouraged by the ideas Barack Obama put forth and the change his policies represented, that I couldn’t do enough to help get him elected. I was happy to put...
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Every four years, presidential candidates try to convince us that the next election is the most critical in U.S. history. “Our nation is at a crossroads” the politicians are fond of intoning. This year, however, that tattered cliché is actually true. A win by John McCain would elect our first...