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Image Credit: WPSD-TV  The IRS Scandal Is Improper And Illegal Political Competition Democrats, who are famous for making a bunch of noise about Fairness, Equal Access, Voter Suppression, and Racial Discrimination ... "REDLINED" all requests by tax-exempt organizations that appeared to...
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Why does this man call himself "black"? Biracial Americans seem to have internalized the racist belief that having only one drop of African blood makes them black despite their Caucasian heritage. President Obama and Halle Berry embody the lingering belief in the one-drop rule. Both Obama and...
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I was a precocious child.  I learned to read and write at age two.  I always thought that what the big kids did I could do. I remember a visit in Georgia to Mom's friend.  Within the city limits in a sylvan neighborhood was a small stream.  All the neighborhood children...
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A few weeks ago I received a warm welcome to Red Room from Lillian Lincoln Lambert, whose memoire The Road to Someplace Better chronicles her journey to becoming the first African-American woman to receive an MBA from Harvard.  As we exchanged emails, we discovered that we had some things in...
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  Memories of World War Two Pat Montandon World War Two affected our country in many ways. In Waurika, Oklahoma where I grew up, three quarters of the boys in my senior class volunteered to serve Uncle Sam. Few returned.          The Waurika Bus Stop Café where I worked after school had a contract...