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Pastor Terry Jones will burn 3000 copies of the Quran. A group of American Muslims will donate blood in response. While this pacifist reaction is good, why do Muslims, who are professionals, who contribute to the economic and social life of the U.S., have to get defensive and try to "overturn the...
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Mahatma Gandhi would have been pleased to find a Hollywood star snuggling his words. Known for his penchant for white women, he was their knight in spiritual armour. It is, therefore, not surprising – although a bit amusing – to discover that he is the 'other man'. Here is a snappy report...
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Those who object to the “moving prison” say nothing about men displaying the physical assets of trophy wives in a consumerist paradise.   If anyone is benefiting from the Islamist idea, specifically the veil, then it is the western elite or the westernised liberals among Muslims. I might have...
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We need to get out of these fixed role-playing that religion is pushing people into. Even as opposition, symbolism is beginning to sound rather lame and ridiculous. Alex Stewart belongs to some atheist group – which is a bit amusing, because then you are huddling into some faith-type...
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Do miracles happen? Do they serve a larger purpose other than giving signals? Must all miracles have a religious basis? We know that parts of Russia have been going through turbulent times. In the Kizlyar region of Dagestan, one such place, a nine-month old is being touted as a “miracle baby”. Ali...
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QURAN Quran (means recitation in Arabic) Muslims recite the whole book once during the month of Ramazan, this is happenning since 1428 years now, some people recite this once everyday, some once every week. It has 114 chapters   (Sura) This book is in Arabic language. Quran is like a big Ocean,...