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22 Years Ago I Quit Drinking July 3 was my 22nd year of quitting drinking. It's also my real birthday, so every year I have 2 birthdays. I don't think much about my past drinking. I'm just so grateful that I gave it up when I did. I went on to finish college and got a B.S. in Management, I lost the...
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The recent headline in the New York Times was: “When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls.” When the economy goes down, candy sales go up, the newspaper reported. “Sugar is comforting,” one candy buyer told the newspaper. Candy sales are up 30 percent for Cadbury and more than 10 percent for...
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I don't think fighting something like an addiction is ever going to work in the long run. We're taught that that's exactly what we have to do to get rid of something in our lives but from my experience, it doesn't work. When I quit drinking over 21 years ago I never fought thoughts that came up. I...
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I was watching Oprah a few days ago. The first half of the show was about people who have lost weight and then put the weight (or a lot of the weight) back on. Oprah, as you probably know, gained 40 pounds last year. She's on a mission now to lose weight. Her first guest was someone who had lost...
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People are addicted for many reasons. Some say they're addicted because their parents didn't love them. Others may have had something horrible happen to them or someone in their family and blame that event for their addiction. Some people identify who they are from the past. I've known people in my...
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I saw this phrase on an informercial of all things this morning. I have heard this phrase a few times since I quit drinking 21 years ago. If any of you remember Dr. David Viscott, he had a call in radio show years ago. I heard he was going to be giving a talk in Santa Monica and I drove down to see...