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  "Its suppose to snow like six Inches tonight!" says the grocer woman in the maroon instutional jacket uniform. "You act surprised," I say "its Northern Michigan it always snows in December." She smiles quietly. "I got the Farmers Almanac, says its going to...
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Never speaking they have taught many that have let them lead. The noisy one Should only make noise With the counsel of the silent ones Or shall I say the silent two Repeated heeding of their counsel makes one enlightened, not frightened, awareness level only heightened Reality from enlightenment...
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I watch a raven perch on a large green pottery dish I have set out on a stump just at the edge of the woods. I fill the dish for the birds most days with water from one of the rain barrels. It is the hot, dry, dangerous height of summer in the mountains. The raven dips a black beak into the liquid...