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  October 21   REFLECTIONS OF YOU     When people meet me they listen and stare, then the familiar words tumble from their mouths, “there is something about you.”  I know it’s the reflection of every person I saw at the meeting last night, the sober voices that created them...
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How on earth could I relate to a character like Maximus? Was I a general who became a slave who became a gladiator who came back to give an ass whoopin' to the Emperor of Rome? Hell no. I was just Dori -- a married woman with a two year old child, living in a nice home in suburban New Jersey....
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Sixteen-year old Anna Sullivan is an outsider at her high school. Quiet and shy, as well as cursed with a tortuous family past, she can’t hope to attract the attention of popular Tyler Marsh, for whom she has a crush. How could a girl like her, a girl with a low social status, an alcoholic...
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With God, all things are probable.
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Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people for the same reason prayer doesn’t for its practitioners.  The former, just as the latter, is based on an assumption that the universe, or God, is benevolent and generous.             The Law of Attraction or, as it is known in the Bible, the Law of...
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Electrifying talk last night by Dr. Deepak Chopra at the TIM Center in Maslak. My friend's company The Life Co co-sponsored the three-hour, far-ranging talk  "Secrets of Enlightenment" in which the Indian-born new age guru incorporated modern science, ancient wisdom, and personal anecdote...
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“The fact is that the materials of the fiction writer are the humblest. Fiction is about everything human and we are made out of dust, and if you scorn getting yourself dusty, then you shouldn't try to write fiction. It's not a grand enough job for you.” Flannery O'Connor Yes Flannery, we are made...