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Who says my poems are poems? My poems are not poems. When you can understand this, then we can talk of poetry.                          -Taigu Ryokan      ...
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(Written at Caroline Leavitt's kind request, and originally posted at CarolineLeavittville.com.) So, PURE is my eighteenth book, but, in so many ways, seems like my first. A post-apocalyptic thriller, it's such a huge departure for me, as a writer. I've written literary novels, whimsical novels...
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The first thing you need to know about Julianna Baggott's extraordinary new novel Pure is about the packaging. When the arc came to me, it had a little sticker on it which said (if I'm remembering right), "Surprise inside!" I opened the book and out flew a big vivid blue butterfly! I watched...
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  To live with dishonor   She has to live with dishonor It is to her not less than tremor Shakes full earth beneath But she has to make it beautiful like earth   What a smile or what a style! She has to live for meanwhile Life can be little short of expectation But has to pull on...