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I "learned" a term this weekend. One it seems I "should" have known, since it's in the Chicago Manual online and probably the hard copy version, too. (I'll check when I get "home.") The term is "scare quotes." It means, according to Chicago online, quotation...
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A couple of tidbits to share today that I present in kinda bare-bones form since I'm a little too sniffly-sneezy to weave them into a more entertaining form. * Three out of three dictionaries I checked with prefer the spelling "omelet" to "omelette." All of them, however, allow...
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The Best Things Ever Said about Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation To help you along as a writer, here are the best things ever said about spelling, grammar, and punctuation so the three are kept in proper perspective. (These quotes — "quotations" for the purists — come from a book that...
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I'm in search of an answer. I need to know if anyone can tell me when it became acceptable in the writing of novels, or other creative narrative prose, to drop all use of punctuation. I'm not exactly sure, but I think the trend began with Cormac McCarthy. I enjoyed his novel The Crossing, but found...
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These two signs are in the parking lot of a restaurant near my house. They're right next to each other, like this. But a closer look reveals some amusing and interesting differences. The one on the left mentions vehicles owners' expense: The one on the right mentions vehicle owner's expense: I...
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So I was talking to Paula Poundstone the other night about commas … Did that sound convincingly casual? Did I successfully mask my awe about getting to talk to a comedian I’ve admired for years? No? That’s okay. I can admit it: I’m dazzled and resorting to name-dropping. But in the process I can...
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Here are some style guides' "helpful" instructions on forming possessives of words ending in S. Behold pure evil!   Chicago Manual of StyleJames's words James' sake James's seat      Associated Press StylebookJames' words James' sake James' seatBUTThe boss's words The boss' sake The...
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