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Comma (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I know I've been harping on about grammar and punctuation a lot lately, but I am of the school of thought that if you are from an English-speaking country, you should have a firm grasp of the English language and usage. It is a sad commentary on society that many...
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Eats, Shoots & Leaves (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I love it when I find a writer who cares just as much about English usage and craft as I do. I found my self-proclaimed stickler sister in Lynne Truss, author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves. She had me from page one:  A printed banner has...
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I'm a relatively new fan of semicolons; maybe I've been afraid of using them incorrectly. I've set a goal of using them more frequently; this post is an example of how hard I'm trying. My inspiration? Tony Noland wrote this clever ode to semicolons; he makes them sound downright...
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As a successful writer having been involved with the craft for many years, I have always wanted to earnestly understand what it is that I am doing. I have searched for definitions and have done much study of what I would deem realistic to enable myself to identify my own work. This is what I have...
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I was reading an article on National Geographics' site today about larger carnivores (black bears, lynx, wolves and mountain lions) and the possibility that they may be moving into suburban neighborhoods, following the success of raccoons and coyotes.  I moved on to the comments and saw this:...
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I was minding my own business, playing games online and looking through the most recent Facebook comment when I saw this:  "[S]ome authors, like myself, have their own style of punctuation and capitalization. It's a matter of preference."  Uh, no, punctualization is not a matter of...
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http://andreajwenger.com/2010/11/05/punctuation-personality-type-fiction/   Andrea has a great blog that discusses writing styles as they pertain to Meyers/Briggs Personality Preferences or the MBTI for those in the know.  Delightful entries.  Below is an excerpt about punctuation -...
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 ? , ; : (...) !  Punctuation marks are to writing what meaningful pauses are to conversation. The comma drama was a yawn that became a sneezing epidemic. In the last couple of days you have been assaulted by the Oxford comma from everywhere. Op-eds in respected journals have quoted from...
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A poem should be read as a single compound word. Consequently the only correct punctuation is a hyphen. Though an M-Dash might be okay. Absolutely no periods. Semicolons are proscribed by international law.
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Remember those cartoons where the guy (it's usually a guy) takes the car engine apart to see out how it works? Well, that approach can work for writing, too. Of course, just like that guy, you may end up with parts you don't need. But unlike that guy, you could end up better off without those parts...