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“A please would be nice,” John Travolta said as Vincent in Pulp Fiction.  He’s talking to Mr. Wolfe, portrayed by Harvey Keitel.  They’re at Jimmy’s house – Quentin Tarentino is Jimmy.  They’re at Jimmy’s house because Vincent accidently shot Marvin’s face off while in a 1974 Chevy...
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I am having such fun writing pulp fiction in the science fiction genre and now have two short stories published (it's a series) at Star Adventurer Magazine. It's a different type of writing, especially since I've been focusing on romance and new adult, with a little science fiction thrown in as...
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I'm so excited to have my first attempt at a pulp fiction piece published (under my 'other' name). It's a science fiction short story, Star Gun for Hire, which I have written before, but I didn't even really know what pulp fiction was. So, I did a little research. The term actually comes from the...
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The District of Dreams, umbrella group for genre fiction podcasts, has recently launched Protecting Project Pulp, a podcast devoted to pulp fiction. The first two shows performed well on iTunes. The producers will need more stories to provide a reliable full-hour show each week. Protecting Project...
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image via atomicbooks. com   I usually take a long walk each day after my writing routine, and when it's not too hot outside I listen to music - high energy stuff - it quickens my step, makes me shake a leg, as the saying goes. In the summer, as now, I listen to podcasts of various sorts -...
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Not much to say here. Over the weekend my freinds and I launched a new small press. The first few books and ebooks are mine, of course, but we've already brought in two ne and very excellent writers and we hope for more next year.   here's the link   THE WINTERMAN PROJECT
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A writer friend and I were drinking coffee yesterday (this being Seattle and summer, it was iced coffee for me) and discussing how 2010 turned into "the year of anthologies." My stories are definitely appearing in four anthologies this year, including the just published Zero Gravity, and...
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I don't generally read this kind of thing, but it was given away free by a very nice lady on the L. Ron Hubbard stand at the London Book Fair earlier this year. I don't like to write anything off without having read it first, so I thought I'd give it a try. The writing was not bad, and the plot...
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  Today I happened to be reading a New York Times theatre review by Charles Isherwood. It began, "When it comes to acts of murderous vengeance, bread baking cannot compete with scalp collecting in terms of lurid allure. On the other hand, the toxic loaves that figure in Daniel Goldfarb's play...