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With what velocity the news spread. What ferocious respondents. It might be argued that there are too few major opportunities to recognize writers without taking a bold stance against. Is the system weighted that committees are growing fusty?  I say a little bombast opens the dialogue. Is it...
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  It was a first time occurrence. No one could have predicted it. It was a competition with a revered award.  How the author would react was discussed, but the bigger question was what the other nominees would think. Corrupted Decoys was a brave but fictional account of one woman’s...
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Last week there was a gasp among authors, writers, and bilbiophiles. Well, maybe I'm stretching it a tad, but there was a shock that there was no award given out for fiction for the Pulitzer Prize. This is like there's no Best Picture, no best album. It's 1994 when there was no World Series....
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I have no objection to a “no winner” outcome for the Pulitzer Prize; in fact, I think such an outcome lends credibility to the award and enhances its image as a major achievement.  I am reminded of Little League award ceremonies, where every player receives a trophy, even that little right...
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I should have won. However, look at the Pulitzer Prize in fiction over the last twelve years (I stopped there as I couldn't take it anymore) and you will notice an absolute prejudice for post-secondary degree holders. Each of the winners since the turn of the century , as well as the three losing...
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I just want you to know that I voted for you.
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(Updated May 14, 2012) The book world was stunned last month when the twenty-member Pulitzer Prize Board declined, for the first time since 1977, to award a prize for fiction. Maureen Corrigan, one of the three-member nominating panel, said, “We nominated three novels we believe to be more than...
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The lack of picking a winner in fiction for the Pulitzer Prize was, in my mind, a serious lapse of credibility on the part of the judges. It reminds me of a situation that I confronted a few years back when I was running the short story contest for the Wyoming Arts Council when I was residing in...
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Whatever the circumstances the failure to give a Pulitzer Prize for fiction is a curious metaphor in an age in which we are fed more and more "given" narratives about the world, where the function and spirit of narrative in a culture is in a state of tremendous flux.  There is so much fiction...