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EDITOR'S NOTE: New America Media editor Andrew Lam has made his name as a journalist, but in his newest book, his past as a Vietnamese refugee reverberates through short stories about characters who fled Vietnam and made new lives in the Bay Area. NAM reporter Anna Challet spoke with him...
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Biltmore Garden Peace Rose (Photo credit: zen) For the first time in our married lives, Thomas and I have a house, and we love it. I could write a blog just about all benefits of living in a house versus living in a condo, one of the biggest being that my kids now have a fenced yard where they can...
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Today is the last day of February, and I wasn’t going to wait until March, before I shared my reflections.  After all, for those who have been following my February month of blessings; I won the Red Room Challenge! And for the first time ever, my photo made it to Red Room’s front-page news....
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  One quite serene day in February, my mother reflected a void of disappointment to me. That none of her 17 children were born in this short and quiet month. And, she reasoned it with passing by this month as somewhat barren, with no real occasion to celebrate a single birthday in our family...
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My new ebook, Manage Your Self-publishing Project, is now available from Smashwords and Amazon. The process described in the book is based on my own experiences: two books published by a small indie publisher, my own self-publishing and starting my own publishing company. The ebook...
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Thanks to Public Radio, , Rebecca Kruth, Becky Anderson, and all the great people at Anderson’s Bookshop.  Here’s the piece!
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  Our thanks to author and internet research guru Geri Spieler for this informative guest post. Whether researching info for a book or an upcoming blog post, here are some helpful hints and sites! Conducting Internet research is a challenge. It’s time consuming, often confusing and who ever...
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You might think this article would be for literary Luddites, who prefer Gutenberg to Steve Jobs. Not so, according to its author: "E-books are not simply a better format replacing an inferior one; they offer a wholly different experience." Thus, there's room for both in the modern experience....
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It can't harm to know in advance - and perhaps catch a trend or two. Not that you should just start an avalanche of proposals to these individuals, but get a feeling of what the publishing world is looking for.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  What US Editors Want 2013 Ten US editors have kindly...
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Lately I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from folks who are thinking they’d like to write a book. They typically fall into these four basic categories:  the I have an idea I’d like to share with the world group, the subject here often boils down to business advice – an idea, the I have a...