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Insight often comes from strange places. At least it does for me. I was watching Cranford and one of the characters, Lady Ludlow, was opposed to young Harry being taught to read and write. She didn't want to end up like her cousins across the channel in France with her head lying in a revolutionary...
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  All over the place I see articles predicting doom and gloom for the traditional publishing companies. The publishing revolution will bring about the end of the big seven publishers.  Soon, nobody will be using publishers -they'll just do it themselves.   Indie publishing will...
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These days, people often ask me what I think the future will hold for writers and publishers. Click here to read my blog.       
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        Let's start by saying, we all love real books and indie bookshops who know how to categorise them. We love libraries for their quiet, their mystique and their community value. But you'd have to live in a cave in deepest Siberia not to know the bookworld is fast...