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Although I’m a self-proclaimed “E-BOOK BOOKIE” I must confess that I’ve only read five books on my Kindle. (Richard II, Lysistrata, The Art of War, Aesop’s Fables, and Richard Stark’s bleak and violent heist novel The Score.)    I much prefer the heft and feel and convenience (yes,...
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      Adventures of an e-Book Bookie, 1   HOPE SPRINGS ELECTRONIC... I am a bookie in both senses of the word. I love books and I'm taking bets on books. I am betting my career and future livelihood on books. More specifically e-Books.  And for the first time in a long time I have hope...
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According to Publishers Weekly, on February 13, the New York Times bestseller lists will take a giant leap into E-bookland with the introduction of a revised list showing both print rankings and e-book rankings. E-books currently represent 8% of fiction sales, and that number is expected to hit the...
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In July of this year, Amazon reported to have sold 143 digital books for its e-reader, the Kindle, for every 100 hardback books over the previous three months. Sales continued to accelerate rather than to slow. Not long after that announcement, Amazon said the rate had reached 180 e-books for...