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Are you standing at the starting line waiting to start your book? What will it take for you to get started? Do you need a gun shut to have the impetus, the initiative, the reason to actually get off the line and start writing? If so, you may never write your book. No one is going to shoot the...
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I read something interesting today in the New York Times. Amazon.com has entered the publishing game. Not only does the company now provide aspiring authors with the ability to self-publish POD and e-books--and to read them on a Kindle e-book reader and on the new Kindle Fire--but it is now...
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In a recent blog post, best-selling author and marketing expert made this statement:"No one is going to pick you. Pick yourself." He was talking about the fact that authors and musicians are making millions without so-called "gatekeepers."  and that the gatekeepers--"the...
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More often than not, the clients who hire me to help them with their book proposals have plenty of passion about their subjects and projects. They may even feel a deep sense of purpose and determination. They really want to finish their books and get them published. Yet, most of them have not...
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(This post on the proposal process was the Nov. 9 Write Nonfiction in November blog post; sorry...seems not to have been posted here in Red Room.) As the number of books published each year increases, the number of people who buy them decreases. The average nonfiction book sells less than 250...