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It's here, isn't it? That busy, social stretch of time that extroverts love and introverts get all anxious about. Shopping in crowded stores that are blaring Christmas music and assaulting me with cinnamon smells, flashing lights, little sleigh bells that jingle on every door. Planning family...
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I know you've been dying to read a book set in 1999 Belgrade during the Balkan civil wars. Well, here's an excerpt of my novel, A PARTIAL HISTORY OF MY DELUSIONS. The fruit of many years of labor. I'm done with being a love slave to my book. Now I get to whore myself to the publishing industry....
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My flash fiction piece "Negotiations" was somehow included in the new anthology, "Flash Fiction Funny" edited by Tom Hazuka. After years spent bleeding over novel #2, it's nice to have a new story out.
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I have always been interested in the “behind the scenes” aspect of the publishing world. I like to know the hows and the whys of everything, so I suppose I’m doing a bit of projecting when I assume that readers feel the same way. So here goes nothing. Or something. I have never had an agent. Every...
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I heard on NPR this morning that Elmore Leonard passed away, and immediately thought of his wonderfully funny – and simply wonderful – 10 Tips for Writers. What I didn’t know until I read it in his obituary in The New York Times is his path as a writer. Bottom line: His breakthrough...
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When I got face to face with a tank in Cameroon and avoided the worse. http://billanddavescocktailhour.com/a-sunday-drive/
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As I have may have mentioned, I am a huge motorsports fan. I love all types of racing, but especially F1 and IndyCar.  May just happens to hold the two greatest race for each series, the Grand Prix of Monaco and the Indy 500.  While each series respectively hosts a bevy of other races,...
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(embossed 100th Anniversry of Harlem Renaissanceart courtesy of Bright Skylark Literary Productions) Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, first published by Facts On File in 2003 and through Infobase Publishing in 2010, is now available as a Kindle Edition on Amazon and that is big news...
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Many writers use pen names when they write.  Everyone from Agatha Christie to Nora Roberts, have at some point, used pen names.  I myself use a pen name, although that choice is now coming into question, which has of course prompted me to hold the practice up to the light and truly...