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With fewer publisher pounds going into publicity these days, authors are increasingly expected to do the bulk of their own book promotion. Fortunately for us, the web provides a wealth of free opportunities. Unfortunately for everyone else, some authors don't realise what will do more harm than...
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I'm sitting here at home working on my next book, but I have to take a moment to share this remarkable radio experience . . . . I just did an interview with Deborah Cameron on ABC 702 in Sydney, Australia. A few years ago, most people elsewhere in the world would say, so what? Not anymore. An hour...
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  A. Colin Wright talks about his future plans. Well, it is gratifying that some people are reading me on Authors Den and have ordered my novel. I have, however, other things I want to get published and performed.   I have been writing for many years and, apart from a major academic books,...
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Clever and inexpensive. That's my M.O. It's only right that the Good Morning America segment that ever-so-quickly profiled my journal this morning did so in a segment called "Clever, Inexpensive Mother's Day Gift Ideas." A tip you already know: respond to PR queries, even if you don't...
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Nobody understands our book babies the way we do, right? There are always some surprises in reviews on our books. Hopefully pleasant surprises. For example, I never would've thought of this  book for elderly parents. Graduates? Absolutely. New parents? Sure. But elderly people? I hadn't pictured it...
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Some days I admit to being a "gearhead" (the result of my Mechanical engineering degree). Most days, I love to get my technology fix (again, "gearhead"). For almost a year, I've walked around in awe at the sleek and elegant mobile device I've carried in my hand to connect to the...
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Okay, Write Nonfiction in November readers, I'm going to ask you this month to stop working on whatever nonfiction projects you have and make time to do something a bit different. Here's why: If you don't do it now, you're likely not to do it at all. Plus, according to PR expert Annie Jennings, who...
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Thank you to my brilliant webmaster. http://www.delanadameron.com/      
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I just found out about a neat way of hyperlinking your name on blog comments. Type in your name on any editor that can hyperlink text. Add your hyperlink and then copy and paste your name to the name field on your blog comments. This is another way of linking back to your website, especially if...
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I just signed on to Dan Janal's PR Leads Service (http://www.prleads.com). For $99 per month, he regularly emails you a list of queries by reporters looking for specific ideas or quotes for articles. You can pick and choose who you respond to. Sounds very promising.