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When did P.R. change? Really.  When?   I have always had good working relationships with publicists and still do. But something has begun to happen. I realize that e-mail is a casual form of communication but suddenly, total strangers who are contacting me from p.r. firms are starting...
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Dear Reader, These days, I find juggling is a useful skill for furthering my career. Filling the blanks left by my publisher's decision to focus on national publicity for "The Sword of Medina" and let me handle the rest could fill all my time. I'm setting up readings and booksignings,...
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I'm playing with some book proposals. Okay, I've really been working in earnest but "playing" seems like a better term for things that may never see the light of day. I'm not sure if this is just the usual insecurity between books or if it's the market.  One of the books, I might add, has...