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Everyone has a first sale story... My journey to publication has been an enlightening experience, to say the least. Exactly one year ago, I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on an annual family vacation. While everyone was sunning themselves around the pool, I snuck off to check emails at a local...
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Worst typo ever? Easy. Page 301 of The Devil's Redhead, hard cover edition (page 313 in the mass paperback version): "sandstone palavers." I wish I could blame some drudge in the bowels of Random House, anyone but myself. No such luck. The word I wanted, of course, was "pavers,...
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010I've been asked to participate in a panel discussion about the pursuit of publication.  Details on this event, which will take place at San Antonio College, can be found here.  In preparation for this discussion, I've been thinking a lot about what it really means to...
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My big goal as of last week was to start my old new project.  I was going to slow down on the blogging and take more time for writing. Well, I had the plagiarism hubbub, I received an excellent critique on a novel that I'm going to be sending to my agent next  so I started that, and I was teaching...
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I have a few new bits to add to my little bibliography.  There are a small handfull of ezines that I really love and no they don't pay but being included in them and having editors tell me that they really love something I've done is a really lovely thing.  That feeling makes me feel like an...
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 Publish Your Nonfiction Book: Strategies for Learning the Industry, Selling Your Book, and Building a Successful Career by Sharlene Martin and Anthony Flacco Writers Digest Books, April 2009             How badly do you want to be published?     This is the theme of Publish Your Nonfiction Book by...
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Congratulations to Robin Maxwell, author of O, Juliet which debuted today in bookstores in the US! I interviewed Maxwell last week about her books and her writing life last week: Eight Questions for Robin Maxwell. Robin is the author of eight works of historical fiction all of which feature...
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My short story, "Wildcat," which is my contemporary riff on Flannery O'Connor's short story by the same title, is being published in Shenandoah.  I'm very pleased about this.
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  Could my passion for writing ever become defeated by the roadblocks of publication? No. Not as long as I remain grounded to the true meaning of life.  Many have asked why do I write what I write? My response has been that it is because of my appreciation and respect for LIFE. However, I will...
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(CHECK OUT THE UPDATED LIST HERE)   Why am I doing this, you may ask? Well, I wanted to know, partly for my own selfish reasons. I had heard mutterings about the lack of lit mags in this area compared to the US, but then I started hearing about new lit mags and more new lit mags.... and then I...