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I have determined to write a minimum of 500 words a day. Today I have written 523. That has given me a good start on what appears to be something that could turn into a good story. I am enjoying the characters. Now to get some action going. It is amazing how quickly one can write 500 words. I hope...
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  She lived, she wrote, she died.  And just before her end came at ninety-eight, her novel was published by a university press.  (Decades earlier, Bennett Cerf of Random House had praised it, yet killed it.)  A trick of fate that Steinbeck’s book beat hers to the printers, but...
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My poem, “Tutor“, is now up at the (online preview, Issue 4) of A Clean, Well-Lighted Place. Print and Kindle versions will be available soon, I’m told. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, READ IT HERE. IT’S NOT A POEM ABOUT a lake or the sky or the clouds but, for what it’s worth, I was sitting...
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As I promised (threatened?) on Monday, I’m posting a link to my poem “Fly Away Home”, which is up today at Poetry Breakfast. At first, I had some second thoughts about this piece, realizing that I’m (sort of) equating My Beloved Sandra with a sack of potatoes, comparing her smile to a Jack-O-...
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The last time I was published was February 29th. Despite the remnants of Isaac hitting our area last night, the physical and literal drought conditions surround my home in Missouri.  Since February, I’ve received twelve rejections, half of which were personal. I’m fifty percent sincere when I...
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I'm not sure that I have been explicit enough in previous blogs I've written about getting your work into print.  I think you have to be relentless; that's probably the best word for it. This week I saw some of my relentlessness bear fruit when The Piker Press began serializing my 34,000 word...
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Meg Waite Clayton asked me to do a blog for her about  how I became a writer.  Since writing is always a process, something that is always emerging, I wrote about how I began to develop as a writer long before I knew what writing was, long before I ever knew about publishing. I ...
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The new issue of Pebble Lake Review includes seven sonnets from my long sequence "Cuban Polymita" and my poem "My Body Translated," as well as new work by Danielle Pafunda, Lee Herrick, Maxine Chernoff, Brent Goodman & others. Plus reviews & more! Check it out:http://bit.ly/NB4w2k.
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And a good thing, too. Jumping from a state yesterday where I feared books might not be being written as well (as thoroughly) as they used to be, I'm glad there is still serious discourse about them in a major publication. And Salman Rushdie weighs in on Censorship....
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Recently, I took Freedom Road Publishing in a new direction — focusing on not-for-profit organizations. I am on the Board of one not-for-profit and I see how these organizations struggle for money to maintain operations as one after another the federal and state government funds disappear. To show...