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My daughters spent the last night in Iowa City with a good friend. Later she told me that in preparation for the long journey back  to Israel she had baptized the girls-- just in case.  I felt that it was a bit extreme but said nothing, I knew that it was an act of love and  did not...
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I’m not sure why exactly but it seems reincarnation isn’t linear in its timeline. Also, it seems that part of Karma’s reward and punishment system is that in your newly reincarnated form you get to carry some degree of memory about your previous life. This is not such a big deal if you are working...
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This week’s blog is dedicated to all who teach in the public school system in the United States of America; especially my close pals, who, if you’re still standing after a long day at school, kick your heels up and enjoy!  Let’s look at that career to end all careers; second only to the...
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The English, those sometimes politely arrogant bastards who invented the language, often take great delight in calling things whatever they damn well please, and logic, be hanged! For example, in England a “Public School” is in fact an exclusive, obscenely expensive, private school where the Ruling...
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     It was a big wave day at the Capitola jetty in Santa Cruz, and I was caught inside.  I knew I’d have to duck under five or six waves, holding on hard to my longboard and praying it didn’t get wrenched from my hands. If I lost my board, I’d get tumbled and be upside down under water, scrambling...