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When did P.R. change? Really.  When?   I have always had good working relationships with publicists and still do. But something has begun to happen. I realize that e-mail is a casual form of communication but suddenly, total strangers who are contacting me from p.r. firms are starting...
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It’s often been said, “Writing the book is easy, marketing it is the hard part.” Maybe that’s because there’s just so much to do! And in many—or most—cases, the whole job falls to the author. A few traditional publishers offer a little help, but many do nothing at all. So all authors have to...
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"You know nothing about the business of writing," he told me.  Then came the details. How to get off. Get it off. Take off. Take it off. Book launches. Public relations. Publishers and their demands. Reviewers and their demands. Readers and their demands. The format. The cover. The pages. The...
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Most authors I know end up obsessed with book sales, usually to such an extent that they don’t write their next book. What a shame. They don’t realize their  potential as writers or as authors. Yet, there is a way for you to avoid this pitfall while still selling and writing more books....
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Listen to internet radio with Talking Progressive on Blog Talk Radio I hope you have a chance to listen to our guest Danny Schechter. He spent 4  years investigating HOW did the economic crisis happened.  He talks about USA and Greece and who is really at fault. This is important...
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Fantasy is that I am the next JK Rowlens and kids flock to my books like mice to cheese. Reality is, I am neither a children's writer or a piece of cheese.  Nice to dream? Self-actualization is a proven method to meet goals.  Aurelia Flores, Latina empowerment leader talks about how fiction can...
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One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first started writing was that I sold a book and then did hardly any promotion of my book. I did put up a few ads and prayed people would like my book but as the year passed I saw the book just fade. Then last July I started actively getting off my...
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Or should I say, from my naivete. My book was published POD. When it finally was available, I WASTED 100 copies by sending them out to traditional print media reviewers. If I'd used my head, OR DONE MY HOMEWORK, I would have realized that I was going to be ignored and should have invested in a PR...
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I have built a new deck.  It is large and covers a third of my yard. The air has been sweet and the six dogs and I like to spend time sniffing the breeze. Summer has not quite landed so the air in lovely.  I have decided the entire world is out enjoying the change in season too.  I write on my...
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I recently started yet another blog. This time instead of focusing on passion for travel, food, and photography I am writing about my thoughts on issues and news in my profession today: Jessica Orquina - Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations