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Yesterday it was Leonard Peltier's birthday. Two dear friends, Unciya and Hakata, run the Flemish Leonard Peltier Chapter and decided to do something for his birthday. So in a small literary café Den Hopsack a reading was organized based on his prison writings My Life is My Sundance. Of course...
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The best experiences reading and listening with others has come in ongoing groups. The reading and listening have been part of getting to know each other better. The only time I have come close to "public reading" was in my neighborhood book group last winter. I was leading a discussion of...
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Something made me curious about the number of readings I've given: not the number of readings I've hosted, which is a whole different issue, but the number of times I've gotten up in public to read my own or a friend's work. I used to absolutely dread getting up in front of strangers, my...
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Today’s My Birthday and There’s a Fog…3082009 FOGGED CLARITY FICTION Caitlin HorrocksDylan Brock POETRY Scott HightowerHowie GoodAna BozicevicAmy KingNiels HavThax DouglasDawn Schout VISUAL Patrick GundersonAlexey MamochkinDominik Kruger POLEMICS Ryan McCarl AURAL White Pines INTERVIEWS Danielle...