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Please check out (and listen to) these first two stories by graduate writing students at the University of New Orleans.  Part of a great new program called Storyville that airs on WWNO public radio.  Thanks! Richard
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Thanks to Public Radio, , Rebecca Kruth, Becky Anderson, and all the great people at Anderson’s Bookshop.  Here’s the piece!
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My first All Things Considered commentary was aired in the mid-eighties, when producer Art Silverman accepted seven of my essays to be used on NPR. And for one year, I heard my own voice coming from the radio as I drove the children to soccer practice or went to the grocery store. They were...
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Every Friday for years on KPFA, someone  could hear Duke Ellington's  “Theme Afrique.” Then a woman would greet her listeners with this saying: "Uhuru, brothers and sisters. Asalaam alacheim. This is Mama O'Shea and we are shoutin' out and fightin' back, in our common struggle to survive....
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Here's the poster for TENDERNESS: A KPFA VALENTINE EVENING.                                           I hope to see you there!
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I was listening to WNYC today enjoying some air conditioning and a blanket. Now, if i had a hammock I would have preferred to sway in the breezy day outside but here I was. With radio on and remote control in hand I listened to one of the reasons these people got some of my unemployed freelancer's...
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I was recently a guest on Oregon Public Radio's program "Think Out Loud." Listen as Emily Harris and Dave Miller interview me about poetry, writing, and being a college writing instructor: http://www.opb.org/thinkoutloud/shows/northwest-passages-shaindel-beers/  I hope you enjoy it! ~...
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I've posted on my site re: the latest cutbacks at the CBC, which threaten to gut our national broadcaster's commitment to regional voices and programming. The cuts also meant the loss of terrific programs like "OutFront".  A bloody shame, that. Hope any Canucks stopping by here will do...