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I use fictional stories in general, and superhero characters and stories in particular, to illustrate what psychological research about human nature has revealed. I know, and you know, that superheroes aren't real. But good superheroes stories, like any good fiction, invite us to enter a...
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http://www.npr.org/blogs/monkeysee/2012/07/15/156779114/the-id-the-ego-and-the-superhero-what-makes-batman-tick# Bruce and Holden both suffer obvious symptoms of PTST. Forgetting for the moment that both are fictional characters, what  should be glaringly obvious to a mental health...
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As an undergraduate in the '60s I could barely get through CATCHER. I didn't care about some crude spoiled preppy kid who couldn't get his act together. In a word, I was clueless. I reread the book last fall and discovered something profound, that Holden was suffering from PTSD stemming from the...
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May 11, 2012 Survivors of childhood sexual abuse often feel tremendous resistance to stepping onto the path of active healing. The dragons of our experience feel too large and overwhelming even when we are told we will find incredible, empowering, joy-filled, peaceful days on the other side of...
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My new story about sex abuse survivor & Viet Name vet: Laura Finally Talks About It  
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Very proud of this story I wrote about relationship between young woman who survived terrible punishment & a Vietnam Vet http://bit.ly/xgX0Sg
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(c) 2013 all rights reserved   Robby was the last new boy, having come to the Tarrant County Children’s Home just days before.   He was pale and quiet, with Cherokee cheeks, a crooked nose, straight dark hair and a hawk-like stare. He carried an inhaler for asthma, and his malnourished...
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We plug a movie into our DVD player. Within minutes there’s an unexpected, brutal rape scene. Our throat goes dry, our heart starts beating rapidly. We shut it off. For the remainder of our day we struggle to make our minds go blank, to think of something positive, to forget about the movie...
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WAR HORSE a film review by Jeanne Powell “War Horse” is a spectacular adventure story, with a touch of fantasy, set against the canvas of the Great War (1914-1918).  Director Steven Spielberg’s latest film is adapted from an acclaimed children’s book written by Michael Morpurgo, an award-...
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    photo: Book cover, from Goodreads   Fascinating book about a woman who had been in charge of deciding who does, and does not, get admitted to a stay at Bellevue.  She did this for nine years.  Obviously the book is about many of the patients, but the coolest thing...