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psoriasis | psoriasis

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This true story was recently published in the open access journal: On-line Community and Patient-Centered Dermatology. It is an excerpt from my memoir: ROOM FOR EXAMINATION.    DOCTORS FIRST, SPECIALISTS SECOND             ...
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As a hairstylist, I see a lot of scalps. It's usually the first thing I inspect during a consultation. I've learned over the years that most people pay very little attention to their scalp. It's usually hiding under their hair and not a concern until they experience symptoms. Scalp conditions...
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 I was listening to Joyce Meyer this morning and she mentioned how we grumble about things that once we were excited about having.  She then spoke about the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt. I, of course, have heard about this story; known it was in the Bible, skimmed the Bible text and even...
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  Sunday is my favorite day. I spent  the weekend with my coworker friends, children and my divasisters and the men who love them.  What I saw, heard and felt was a lot of  love, a lot of laughter and a lot of talk. I saw women in various degrees of grown-up-ness and it came in the small...
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I woke up this morning itching.  I have not been to my ultraviolet light treatment since March 21st which was 2 days before my surgery.  I canceled the appointments because I knew that I  needed to relax and get better.  Last week my back began itching and then my thighs began itching and the more...