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Although England and English start with an "e," an Anglican derives from the Latin word Angli, referring to one of the Germanic tribes who conquered England in the 5th century A.D. Anglican is used for that which pertains to England, especially to the Church of England. It's counterpart in the...
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Why is your religion and/or religious belief powerless to change you? Powerless to change the world? This might explain it… In Voice of Reason, a book shared with me by my Facebook friend, Bill Butler, author Bryant McGill writes: “Take any concept you believe in deeply and say...
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Heresy, by S.J. Parris    There’s one sure way to scan the health of a literary genre: to note how easily it embraces other genres. And this is what we’re now seeing in the realm of historical fiction, which takes on romance, mystery,  and even suspense. In S.J. Parris’ capably...
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  On Thursday's Phil Naessens Show The Sports Goons Jameyan Smith joins Phil to discuss the NCAA March Madness Tournament, the attempted boycott of Starbucks by online militant born again Christians, the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks week in review and a look ahead to next...
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The Barna Research Group recently reported on the "Six Reasons Young Christians Leave Church." Reason number three, according to the report, is that "churches come across antagonistic toward science." The findings of the report were noted in a new book by David Kinnamen entitled, "You Lost Me: Why...
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The terms Christian and Catholic define mutually exclusive groups in the minds of many in the United States. On closer examination, this is an odd distinction. In common parlance, “Christian” is the accepted term for Protestant denominations, especially those with an evangelical bent. Catholics are...