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Just thought I'd share this with you all: Righting Civil Wrongs - Larry 
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Today I read in the Chronicle that Berkeley put up a sculpture celebrating its protesting past.  Apparently, as we drive I80, we will be able to see the images of Berkeley's activist past in bronze. One of the celebrated people on the sculpture is Mario Savio.  When Mario was doing his thing, I...
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Flatiron Building, NYC. Spiderman’s day job at the Daily Bugle I used to wonder why I was only one of five protesters during the first Gulf War. There was so little national dialogue. Sure, Father George gathered his international consensus, everyone but the sons agreeing Saddam was creepy, his...
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The Congress of South African Students, “asked our teachers and organised a train for us to come here. But we were not well informed about the reason why we are protesting," - Nomsa Mabona, pro-Zuma “protester” to a Times Reporter. This is yet another example of the fall of standards in the...
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I hadn’t ever gone out and protested anything before. But the formation of a North American Union, without any sort of congressional process, or vote by the people is not only fucked up, but unconstitutional. That document is grossly violated every day and we as a country ignore it, puttering along...
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Thank you for inviting me to speak to "The Abundance League" tonight about how I found an abundant life — how I started living more by working less, earning less, and spending less. My story starts about five and a half years ago when I went in to the human resources department where I...
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Attempts to characterize the U.S. counterinsurgency effort in El Salvador as a “success” require a very limited definition of that word. By all accounts, the best the Salvadoran government could achieve, despite a decade of military and non-lethal aid totaling over $6 billion, was a stalemate with...
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Protestors of Water Privatization Arrested and Charged as Terrorists: In July 2007, events in El Salvador turned decidedly insidious. As one observer noted, "The rule of law and respect for human rights are crumbling," and the country seems to be careening toward violent civil unrest. The...