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Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel García Márquez is a short, sweet, rich novella reflecting the dilemmas of a nonagenarian who ought to be old enough to die but instead falls in love.   With whom?  With a virgin he requests from a trusted madam whom he can't bring himself to...
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My husband, Tom and I, are avid Sherlock Holmes fans and own the complete collection of the Jeremy Brett Sherlock. About once a year, we recycle our series, grateful that, despite the perfection of the episodes, we rarely remember them long enough to interfere with our enjoyment of watching them...
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An Education: Ivy League Hookers    by Precious Williams first published in Glamour magazine WHEN I meet Celine she is wearing a floor-length Marc Jacobs coat over  Chloe jeans,  a TSE Cashmere sweater and Jimmy Choo spike heels.  She jokingly calls herself a "label whore." In reality...
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    Around 2am I exit the Internet cafe and start home. Pass up a dark block and light a cigarette. Transvestite hooker leaps out of a doorway of Hotel Leon and quacks in broken English, “Hey, baby - one cigarette for me?” Why not? I stop and I’m pulling out my package - sounds kinda dirty,...
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She said she was not a prostitute. "Look, if I were a whore, do you think I would be dressed like this? Do you think my breasts would sag?" Mona came into my life with a loud curse. In the dead of a summer night, I spotted her in a bylane, hurling abuses into the uncaring darkness. I was...
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I've been asked a fair few times recently if I can explain how to tell the difference between an ordinary Japanese wife or teahouse girl and a Yoshiwara courtesan in Japanese prints... so here goes. One of the first things that most people learn, from reading about Japanese prints, is that...