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The Royal We went to a diner specializing in homemade waffles. I eyed the choices--pecan waffles, walnut waffles, waffles with sliced strawberries or sliced peaches. I couldn't make up my mind. "Nuts," I said. But which kind? Walnut, I thought. No, pecan. I was waffling. The waiter said, "What will...
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  Say sidewalk, elevator or garbage, and the English will wince in disgust and mutter the almost unspeakable.  “That’s American,” they will remark before casting you out of Society for polluting the purity of Shakespeare’s tongue.  Using French, however, suggests to them a classy je...
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The Americans did it with their phonetic spellings. India gobbled their burgers and even the Oxford-educated returned with American accents, forget those on a vacation rolling their tongues going khurrie while aching for a spicy curry. I am in no hurry, but Kolkata schools have decided that the...