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"Let's abolish the word 'I'," she said.    "What purpose would that serve?" he replied.    "We shall replace it with the phrase, 'the one whom you are speaking to'," she said, not answering his question. "Of course in written form, we shall use the expression, 'the one...
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When I write, I move things around a lot. I’m always try­ing to tighten and make sure things flow. Often, ref­er­ences get mud­dled, lost, or repeated as I copy and paste a sen­tence from one spot in a para­graph to another. When I look at my day’s out­put, one of...
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each Open up an Associated Press Stylebook to the letter E and the very first entry you see is "each. Takes a singular verb." (At least, it's the first entry in the 1992 version I happen to have handy.) So when we copy editors think of the word "each," we think of matters such...